Student Handbook  

Here is a copy of the Student Handbook.


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Leader in Me  

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Leader in Me Parent Page

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Covey Habit 5:  Parent Tip

Habit 5 is “Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood”.  We also say “Listen before you talk”.  At school, we try to instill in students and staff that it is important to listen to what someone else has to say first before we speak.  Covey says this helps us all communicate at a higher level.

Try playing this game with your child:  Say a phrase in two different tones of voice.  Using different tones, as you know, can give the same phrase a completely different meaning.  Talk with your child about how their tone of voice can affect communication.

Another tip for older students is to ask your child to let you know when they don’t feel you are listening to them.  Thank them for telling you, listen to what they have to say, and keep talking until both of you feel understood.

Model PLC District  

Variety Show Info  

Click the attachment for information about the Variety Show.  Permission sliprs are due April 28.

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Allergy Sensitive  

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School Videos  

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Holmes Junior High  

Here is a link to the presentation that will be presented to the sixth grade students:  Welcome to Holmes Junior High

Year in Review 2014-2015  

Summer Reading Programs  

There are many opportunities for students to read this summer. 

Click on the programs to find out more information.


Cedar Falls Public Library Summer Reading Program   Registration begins May 23.

Waterloo Bucks Reading Challenge  Read your way around the ball diamond. A scorecard was sent home with each student.

Waterloo Public Library Summer Reading Program Registration begins June 6.

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Triathlon  May 17- September 6

MackinVia eBooks - Login information is in the student's library note.

School Schedule  

School begins at 8:45
School ends at 3:45
Wednesday dismissal at 1:50

Bond Referendum  

Thank you to Cedar Falls Schools residents for approving the school bond. 

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Supply List  

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Activity Fliers  

Click here to see current fliers that will give your children opportunities to participate in a number of activities.


Welcome to North Cedar Elementary School!  It is a privilege to work in partnership with students and their families as we develop young leaders who achieve at high levels.  It is our goal to teach the whole child; not just the child who learns to read, write, and solve math problems.  While academics are vitally important to everyone, we believe that teaching students how to work together, think critically, and problem solve are even more important skills to develop.

 We are a PK-6 elementary school in the northern area of Cedar Falls.  We have two sections of each grade level, with the exception of our preschool room, and we really function as a big family.  Family and community partnerships are very important to us, and we hope you feel that sense of togetherness as you become part of our school.  Our staff cares deeply for all children, and we work extremely hard each day to give each child what they need to be successful. 

We’re excited for the new year!  Please visit North Cedar to experience all the great things going on here!



School Calendar  

Parent Involvement Policy  

Below is the district Parent Involvement Policy

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